It’s official, whether you want to accept it or not we are now in the festive season. The shops are filled with advent calendars, Christmas gifts, LOTS of alcohol, and that’s only the start of it. Not to mention fast food restaurants with their festive menus and now even your local cafe is enticing you in for a festive inspired hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and marshmallows!

Now, if you’re anything like me, I just accept that from the end of November to the end of December those scales are not going to be my friend – even more than normal! But, if like me, this year you are determined to be strong willed and keep your weight gain to an acceptable bear minimum (or not gain any weight at all) then there is going to be a few things you need to be in control of over the coming weeks.

Below are 7 situations you might (most probably will) find yourself in over the Christmas season and how to overcome them, so when you do find yourself in one of them, you can think back to this post and remind yourself of what to do.

1. Honestly, you really don’t need 3 mince pies

You’re reaching for a mince pie, your mind is telling you to take two, possibly even 3. Remind yourself that mouth-wateringly delicious homemade mince pies are packing just under 300 calories each! Take one, eat it slowly and appreciate every bite you have. You’ve just saved yourself almost a whopping 600 calories just by being less greedy.

2. Just because there is a new festive menu, it doesn’t mean you need to try everything on it

Just because the fast food restaurants have displayed a new festive menu, it doesn’t make it acceptable for you to try Every. Single. Thing. If you really can’t help yourself then break it up a bit. You have four weeks in December, so pick your four favourite meals, and treat yourself to one a week.

Note down how many calories are in each meal – luckily lots of fast food restaurants display this information now so there is no excuse. This might even put you off all together and make sure you burn that off the very same day! Remember, if you work hard, you can play hard (or in this situation, ‘eat hard’).

3. Whipped cream and caramel lattes are not the way forward

Let’s be realistic. How often do you normally go to Starbucks or Costa? It’s not that often is it. So just because they’re offering you a cute festive cup with a festive drink inside it, do you actually need it? Most festive drinks are made with lots of additional sugar, syrups and whipped cream in, and are packed full of calories and bad stuff that do nothing for you except absorb salt and hold onto fat.

If festive cups fill you with that much happiness, head down to your local supermarket and buy yourself a Christmas flask. Fill it with only good stuff, like water. This way you are saving calories, and still feeling festive!

4. Let’s talk alcohol

I must admit this is a personal battle for me around Christmas time. Being surrounded by friends and family who are always partial to a festive tipple, it can be a difficult invitation to turn down!

So? Get ahead of the game! You know that these festive ‘catch ups’ or ‘family gatherings’ are inevitable, so instead of going with the flow, switch roles and make the arrangements yourself. Try and organise a few week night shindigs instead of always weekenders. With work the next day, everyone is more likely to take it a bit easier, and the normal night cap that turns into 2, 3 (or more) can be avoided! Alternatively, if this is not possible, just make your drink last you twice as long as normal!

5. Get out the house more

Set yourself a little challenge – nothing too strenuous! When you wake up in the morning, before you take your shower etc, force yourself to do 100 star jumps as quick as you can and 10 ‘proper’ press ups (or more if you’re able to!).

It is just a bit of light-hearted exercise, but if you’re upping your food intake you need to up your exercise too. Make a bit more effort on your days off to go for a walk or jog around the block too. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself though as you don’t want to become de-motivated! Just try and fit more exercise into your week than you would normally.

6. Everything in moderation

In this next tip, we’re going back to food. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest that you turn your roast dinner on Christmas Day into a Slimming World special, but we do need to talk about sweet treats.

I’m talking Christmas fudge, cookies, rocky road and just anything chocolatey or sweet. You name it, they all come out in full force over the festive season and no matter where you go whether it’s into work, your local pub, your friends house or even your grandma’s house, you can expect to be fed. Same with the mince pies in tip 1, and the extra exercise in tip 2! Everything in moderation.

Be more conscious about what you’re eating – consider your calorie intake and make sure that everything you treat yourself to you aim to burn off with more exercise.

7. No-one is forcing you to eat the leftovers

Ok, so Christmas is over (maybe it’s not over yet) and you’re kind of feeling a bit sick and over indulged in everything sweet, savoury and calorific, but you know that there are still four boxes of chocolates waiting for you and the unopened sweets that didn’t get eaten up throughout the month.

This year, instead of saying ‘I’ll start again in the new year,’ and tucking into all four boxes, just don’t give in at all. Take the chocolates into work, or share them out where you can. You could even melt them all into a recipe like a chocolate tiffin, for example, and freeze it for a later date.

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