Whether you’re working all hours of the day so that you can finish work on time for the holidays, you’re running around after your little ones, or packing in your Christmas shopping, finding the time to fit in a workout isn’t quite so easy this time of year.

So, we’ve put together a couple of normal, and well, unconventional tips to fitting in a quick workout over the festive season.

1. Workout at home

No matter the size of your home, you can find space to workout. You could use the end of your bed for press-ups and tricep dips and your kitchen for lunges and squats. You don’t need much space to run on the spot for your warm up either.

InnitiBod is all about making it easy to workout from home, so if working out from home is something you want to try but have no idea where to start then we recommend joining InnitiBod and you will benefit from a complete personalised 12 week fitness and nutrition plan designed specifically for you.

2. Workout in the morning

I can’t be the only one who hates working out after a day’s work. By the time you’ve hit the gym or completed your workout at home, you don’t have much of your evening left to chill – especially when you still need to cook dinner and shower off the day.

Whenever I workout in the morning I feel so much more revitalised and energetic and motivated for the day and always kick myself for not making the effort more often. Plus, who enjoys lugging their gym kit around all day? Certainly not me.

3. Workout in your lunch break

I know, probably not the most favourable piece of advice in this article and it will only be relevant to those that have the facility to shower afterwards, but working out in your lunch break is still an option. Most people tend to have between 30 minutes and 1 hour’s lunch break at least, and it is totally doable to fit in a workout in that time.

Design yourself a few quick workouts that will blast the areas you want to work, it doesn’t have to be too detailed. Whether you are using your own workout, or your personalised workouts with InnitiBod then you will still have time to have a quick shower and something to eat too.

4. Take the stairs and make more effort

It’s the same piece of advice that gets turfed out year after year, but it is also such a great way to improve your fitness levels. Taking the stairs will get your heart pumping, your muscles working and will give you great health benefits over time.

This shouldn’t be advice that you use just over the festive period either, we would highly recommend to make this a permanent change in your lifestyle.

5. Switch out your social coffee catch-ups for catch-ups on the move

I was always told that if you can still talk when you’re exercising then you’re not working hard enough, but in this situation, exercising itself is better than not exercising at all.

Ditch your morning catch-up in the canteen or the coffee shop around the corner before work and switch it for an ‘on the move’ catch up instead. You can gossip whilst power walking instead.

6. Give up your weekend

Who really likes working out on the weekend? I mean, you work hard all week and your weekends should be for complete chill-time, or maybe that’s just me? But, getting up a bit earlier on the weekend and taking yourself down to the gym or doing your workout from home is an easy way to fit in an extra workout. It’s just a sacrifice we are going to have to make!

Ok, here’s where it starts to get a bit unconventional…

7. Chores

Doing your household chores in general is such a good workout. How many of you get overheated just by hoovering one room? Do your arms ache when you’re sweeping away the cobwebs and polishing the windows?

I bet your legs hurt when you keep going up and down the stairs too. Ramp up your exercise time by doing your chores a few times a week and put a bit more effort into it too. Swap arms when hoovering to work both, when picking things up off the floor, why not lunge or squat into it instead!

Going downstairs? Instead of doing it once, go up the stairs and down the stairs twice! This is a win-win situation. Get fit and live in a clean home!

8. Squat and watch

When I was younger, my dance teacher would tell me whilst watching TV to sit with my feet under the sofa to stretch the arches of my feet, or sit in second position to improve flexibility.

Now, I’m passing on this piece of advice in the form of squats! Whether you’re on a Netflix binge, or you’re catching up on your favourite episodes, don’t be a couch potato.

You can squat, lunge, do tricep dips and so much more all whilst watching television. If you’re on a rest day, why not follow in my old footsteps and have a good stretching session instead.

9. Make your bed

You know those ropes you get at the gym where they make you shake them and you feel every bit of muscle? Well I have an alternative for you. Go to the end of your bed and pick up your duvet cover by the corners.

Now, get shaking! Shake it just as you would the ropes in the gym, one arm at a time. The only difference is it will be more difficult as it is a duvet, and you will also be in the comfort of your own home too.

10. Sexercise

I don’t think I need to go into detail here. But, we all know it has been scientifically proven that sex can be a great workout! Get under the sheets and don’t rise until you’ve ‘worked’ up a sweat!

Whether all of these tips apply to you or only a few, we hope that you’ve found them useful. Even if you find only one that works for you, give it a go! Try and fit exercise into your lifestyle wherever and whenever you can and you’ll be sure to notice a difference.

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