We all know that getting started on the fitness bandwagon (especially if fitness and exercising isn’t your thing) can be really difficult. For most people, it takes a lot of dedication, hard work and motivation to get up and start moving! Or maybe I’m just talking about myself here…

So, to help those of you in this position, we have put together some of our top 10 tips to help you get started with fitness or get you back into it!

1. Define your goals

What are your goals? Do you want to gain muscle definition or muscle bulk? Or do you want to lose weight? Once you have narrowed down your goals, do your research. What sort of exercises do you like and what type of exercises do you loathe?

There are so many different ways to perform cardio and weight training exercises, so don’t feel that you have to force yourself onto the running machine for 45 minutes if you know that you are likely to give up before you even start. Find the exercises that will suit you, excite you and you will find that your motivation stays in check for much longer.

2. Make time

We all have busy lives, busy schedules and there is always something that seems more important than exercising. But in all honesty, you know as well as I do that these are simply excuses.

You don’t need to exercise for an hour every day. If you can dedicate time to working out, even for half an hour, you will really start to feel the benefits.

InnitiBod’s workout plan only requires you to complete 12 minutes of exercise per day. Yes! I did say that – only 12 minutes of exercise a day and you don’t need any equipment!

3. Get into a routine!

Create your own mini exercise rituals. If you know you’re aiming to work out in the morning, get your exercise gear out the night before along with a prepared breakfast too. Step it up a notch and prepare everything for your day ahead too. Being prepared will give you a clear and positive mindset and reduces the chance of you finding time to talk yourself out of it!

Whilst on the subject of preparation, you could even go as far as preparing your playlist and getting your headphones ready. There is nothing more frustrating than being ready to start a workout, but you waste time untangling your headphones!

4. Write down how you feel after a workout

Exercising releases feel good endorphins after exercise, and it’s those hormones that are the positive reminder why you made the effort in the first place. Whilst the feelings are fresh, write them down. Whether it’s on your ‘notes’ app, or a fully-fledged notebook, in times of low motivation you can read these little messages as personal pep talks to boost your mojo again!

5. Use visual goals

Using visual goals is a great way to keep motivated and determined. Maybe you’re motivated by new gym gear, or maybe you’re motivated by old pictures of yourself. Whatever visual goals you have that inspire you to keep pushing, use them!

6. Get competitive

Whether you’re using weights or doing cardio, try and work harder by competing with your neighbour or a friend. Working out from home? Complete an extra exercise than you would normally or increase your reps each time – even if it is just by one.

Not keen on working out on your own? Grab a friend, get them involved and work together whilst competing against one another at the same time. Every little helps, and whether competing with someone else, or yourself, a little healthy competition never hurts and will keep you focused and motivated!

7. Experiment with new workouts

Keep your workouts fresh by switching them up every so often. Whether it’s trying out a new gym class, signing up to a boutique fitness class, like Burlesque, or using your friend’s guest pass to try out their local boot camp, trying out new exercises will keep your mind active and motivated. You never know, you may even find a new hobby!

InnitiBod is perfect for helping you switch up your routine. With lots of different exercise options, you can keep your workouts fresh and exciting. As your fitness develops, your InnitiTrainers will design you more complex workouts to ensure you never plateau and your fitness will continue to improve!

8. Get balanced with a positive and organised mindset

Of course there is a lot to discuss about a positive and organised mindset, but today we will just cover some basics. Where possible, try to think about your lifestyle – what triggers stress for you and what helps you to be calmer?

Try and incorporate more of what makes you calm into your lifestyle, and think about ways of dealing with these small situations that can cause stress for you. Being able to self-manage even the smallest tendencies that cause you to feel stressed and incorporating more calm moments into your lifestyle will really make all the difference in your motivation.

9. Take a break

As mentioned before, you don’t have to workout hours at a time or have a hardcore workout every time. Allow your mind and body time to rest and recover so that you don’t overwork yourself.

10. Try InnitiBod

Whether you want to try out all of these tips, or even just one of them, we are sure that InnitiBod can help you. Too short on time? InnitiBod only requires 12 minutes of exercise per day!

Not sure about what to eat? InnitiBod uses affordable ingredients to create delicious everyday meals that are super easy to cook and are tailored exactly to your calorific and macro-nutrient needs. Whatever your goal may be, InnitiBod can help you to achieve it.

Sign up to InnitiBod today and start working towards your fitness and lifestyle goals.