If eating healthy isn’t something you normally do (which I’m assuming that’s why you’re here), then it can be really difficult to just change your ways without any thought or preparation. When it comes to changing your diet in a bid to begin eating healthily, it’s a complete lifestyle change, not just a temporary change and this is why it can become difficult and challenging to maintain and most people tend to fall back into old habits.

In this article, we are giving you 10 motivational tips to help you begin a healthy eating lifestyle.

1. Prepare

Preparation is key. Do you find that if you haven’t prepared a breakfast to take with you to work, you end up taking a detour and picking up something greasy or full of carbs that isn’t doing you any justice? All workplaces should come with somewhere for you to store your food, so take advantage of it. Whether you do shift work, or a 9-5, you can take your breakfast, lunch and snacks into work.

Look into getting a monthly or weekly planner, and preparing your meals for the week/month ahead and which ingredients you will need. When you do your food shop, you can focus on the ingredients you need, and save time wondering what to cook each night.

Another way to prepare and keep motivated Is to invest in a slow cooker. If you enjoy home cooked meals then this is a perfect way for you to stay on track. You go out knowing your dinner will be ready, and you can skip the detour to the drive-through on the way home too.

2. Goodbye to processed foods

Go through your freezer and think about what you have in there. Are there any processed foods that are in there just for quick fixes and ease? Would you really miss them that much? Have you even eaten anything processed from your freezer recently? Try and cut down the amount of processed foods you eat, and replace them with fresh ingredients in your fridge.

Fresh ingredients are already so much better for you than processed foods, and if you are only using frozen, processed food for quick fixes it will be easy to find other healthy, wholesome and filling alternatives to replace them with.

Don’t tempt yourself by storing unhealthy foods at all. If you are looking for a food and menu revamp, join InnitiBod and we will create you a personalised meal plan which takes into account your calorific and macro-nutrient requirements!

3. Friends and family

You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re in this alone. It can be difficult when your friends and family, your spouse and even your children are tucking into the foods you are trying to escape from.

Make it known that anyone living within your household has to either support you, or join you. Ask them to keep encouraging you, and remind them of your weaknesses. Whether it’s a take away on a Friday night or a cooked breakfast on a Sunday morning, ask your family to be mindful and either avoid those weak spots of yours, or help you to find enjoyable and healthy alternatives. Maybe eat your breakfast before they tuck into their croissants so that you feel happily full and not tempted to just have a small one.

If you’re living with friends, or are at University, or even at work, challenge your friends and your colleagues to join in with you. Set targets and a timeline, and get competitive!

4. Don’t give up at one hurdle

Any new journey you go on, especially with changing your lifestyle and food habits, will have its ups and downs, hurdles and challenges and it won’t be straight forward. Remind yourself that if you feel like you have let yourself down, or eaten something you wish you hadn’t, you will only make it worse if you decide to give up and go back to your old ways.

Accept that it is human nature to lose yourself at times, so remind yourself to pick up where you left off, and try again.

5. Track progress

You don’t need a fancy book, a fancy app or to be a good writer. Grab a notepad and start writing things down. Write down when you are feeling less motivated, note when you are feeling strong. Note when you have had cravings for unhealthy food and note when you have enjoyed a new meal, or particular ingredient. Keeping track of your progress will help you to understand your body more, and recognise certain habits. You may even find you are able to overcome more struggles by knowing how best to deal with them just as a result of writing them down!

6. One step at a time

Don’t feel that you have to start your new lifestyle all guns blazing. Take it easy, step by step. Introduce new foods slowly into your diet if you’re going to be making huge changes. By easing yourself into new ingredients and new habits slowly, it will make it easier for you to keep motivated. For example, if vegetables is something you haven’t ever given the time of day, it can be a bit much to all of a sudden start eating a portion with every evening meal you have.

7. Get creative

Whether you’re into social media or not, Pinterest is a great way to get inspired! Simply type in ‘creative food’ and you will be overwhelmed with beautiful meals and ingredients. Although it may not seem it, healthy food doesn’t always mean boring food. Get creative with your meals and ingredients and you will probably find yourself pinning lots of different ingredients to try that you may even start to enjoy cooking!

8. Find your excuses

We all have them, and we probably use them way more than we would like to admit. You know what I’m talking about… yes, excuses!

‘Oh, just one more,’ ‘oh, just a small one’, ‘oh, I’m really busy this week anyway. I’ll start next week’- sound familiar? I know… me too! But it has to stop.

Touching upon tip 3 – find your weak points, write them down and come up with ways you can overcome them when the situation arises. ‘Just one more’ leads into ‘the whole pack, ’ and ‘I’ll start next week’ leads to never.  It’s not big, it’s certainly not clever and it certainly won’t help you to kick-start that healthier lifestyle you want.

9. Budget

‘Being healthy is too expensive.’ Well, actually, no it’s not.

When you add up how much you spend on a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ or a Chinese takeaway every week, you’ll be astonished at how much more affordable it is to eat healthily. Fresh ingredients, like vegetables and fruits can be costly, but consider frozen fruit and vegetables too.

Pick up a large bag of frozen berries from your local supermarket (around £3.50, which will last you about two weeks), some own brand Fruit and Fibre (less than £2 and will last you an entire month) and you have a month’s worth of breakfast for under £10.

10. Eat at the right times

Eating at the right time of day is so important. We totally appreciate that working shifts makes this extremely difficult, so make it work as best as you can and remain motivated.

Make sure you eat breakfast, eating breakfast instantly boosts your metabolism in the morning and gets your body ready to start the day. By kick-starting your metabolism in the morning, you will naturally burn more calories throughout the day!

Be sure to eat lunch at your midpoint during the day, and make sure that when you eat dinner, you give yourself time to digest your food before heading to the land of ZZZZs.

As you’re here, reading this post, we already know there is a part of you that wants to improve what you eat. Maybe these tips were helpful but you’re not sure about what to eat to begin with? InnitiBod uses affordable ingredients to create delicious everyday meals that are super easy to cook and are based exactly on your exact needs. Whatever your fitness goal, InnitiBod can help you to achieve it.